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Description of Transform Pro

Transform Pro

Why use Transform Pro?

Transform Pro BoxThere are many different ways that children learn. Some prefer reading material, others prefer visual presentations. Transform gives you the ability to easily make dynamic content that will excite your students.

Further, by joining the Transform Community you can login and get access to a wide range of educational activities, in many curriculum areas and grade levels, created by other educators. You can use these Transform activities “as-is” or modify them to better suit your needs. Aren’t other educators the best source of exciting educational content ?

Helping you use Transform Pro

Inside Transform, you will find tools such as audio help and tool tips. In addition, you will find help in most dialog boxes and in the Help menu.

Teachers are also supported with Getting Started guides, tutorials, movies, this website, workshops and online courses.

Functionality includes:

  • Multiple actors (editable characters)
  • Hyperlinks
  • Path-makers
  • Ability to trigger events
  • Ability to create animations
  • Ability to make simulations
  • Ability to import media
  • Multi-page activities
  • One click uploading to the Web
  • Page sorter
  • Slide show in presentation mode
  • Buttons and sliders for control
  • Text editing
  • Drawing Tools & Shape Editor
  • Record voices and sounds
  • Procedures (programming, if desired)
  • Tools to make 5 different types of quizzes: multiple-choice, match the columns, match a word with a picture, short answer, fill-in-the-gap sentences
  • Record student quiz results on a local computer
  • Save closed non-modifiable activities
  • Ability to open a URL or PDF
  • Cognitive Scaffolding
  • Pop-up balloon to add info about selected words
  • For large purchases, possibility to host a private Transform Community

Media Content includes:

  • Costumes (animated & static)
  • Page Graphics
  • Photos
  • Sounds & Music
  • Import Quicktime movies

Things to make with Transform Pro:

  • Interactive books
  • Video games
  • Memory games (matching)
  • Science simulations
  • Math activities
  • Animated recreations of historical events

Available Languages:

English, Spanish.

System Requirements:

Latest version of Java
Runs under Windows 7 and higher, Mac OS 10.7 and higher and Linux
Works on desktops, laptops and netbooks
Works with interactive whiteboards
Works in 800 X 480 mode (and higher resolutions)

Purchase Options:

Single and school site licenses. Large volume discounts available.