Global Thinkers
Welcome to Global Thinkers: Preparing learners for life in a knowledge-based economy

Company Mission

Our mission is to help students, aged 4 to 16, develop the problem-solving, critical thinking skills and collaboration skills they will need for success in a fast-changing, knowledge-based economy where simply memorizing vast amounts of information will not suffice.

We cannot do this alone.

Our goal is to build a global community of educators creating and sharing supplementary interactive educational activities. By educators we not only mean classroom teachers but also professors, Ministry of Education staff, parents, and even other students. This content can meet the specific needs and learning styles of each child.

Global Thinkers consists of two parts:

Software tools, either Transform or Transform Pro, that can be used to develop interactive, animated, editable educational activities or lessons. It is much easier to use than Flash®. A single educator can design, layout and create the activity—you don’t need a costly team for development and you do not need to be a programmer.

b) A moderated, advertising-free web site called Transform Activities, where educators can browse through and download Transform educational activities in many curriculum areas. At the Global Thinkers site, educators used Transform to create the activities.

Join this growing community of educators now. Give your students and children the knowledge they will need to succeed in the next 50 years.